Prepare Your Networks for 5G Technology with Industry-Leading Cisco Routers in the Philippines


In late October, NOW Corporation partnered with SK Telecom, the Korean telco giant that launched the first 5G commercial service in the world, to provide 5G-based services in the Philippines. With such an influential partnership contributing to the country’s Telco scene, it’s time to start priming your networks for wireless-focused technology. Invest in top-quality Cisco…

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Trusted Cisco Consultant in the Philippines Recommends Cisco 1900 ISRs for Branch Offices

cisco 2911 k9 product

The Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) are the ideal choice for the demanding application requirements of small branches today. Enhance operations with highly secure collaboration and virtualized applications. Enjoy a wide range of WAN connectivity with concurrent services of up to 25 mbps, and seamlessly migrate to cloud-based services. Choose among the 1921,…

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Cisco 2901 K9 ISR: Brand New and Used Cisco Switches in the Philippines for Branch Offices

cisco 2901 k9

Cisco 2901 Integrated Service Routers (ISR) are designed for the distinct application requirements of branch offices. Available along with our new and used Cisco switches in the Philippines, they provide superior agility and integration with wireless, voice, mobility, video, security, and data services for enhanced cost savings and efficiency. The modular architecture of Cisco 2901…

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Cisco 1941: Cisco Routers and Switches for Branch Networks

cisco 1941

Cisco routers and switches incorporate more than 25 years of Cisco excellence to deliver network solutions for offices of every size. Designed especially for branch offices, the Cisco 1941 Integrated Service Router (ISR) consolidates the capabilities of several devices into a single, comprehensive system that supports a wide range of connectivity options, applications, and expansion…

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Cisco 1900 Series for Optimal Cisco Support Services


The Cisco 1900 series of integrated services routers (ISRs) is designed to cater to the networking requirements of small businesses. With Cisco support services on hand, this series of routers can operate with full data security and fast and reliable wireless connectivity. In addition, these services can help professionals who are in a bind with…

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Cisco 2921 for Enhanced Cisco Network Maintenance in the Philippines

cisco 2921

Create highly efficient, borderless networks for small offices with the Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Routers (ISR) designed to enhance Cisco network maintenance in the Philippines. This modular router features video and voice capable digital signal processor (DSP) slots, embedded hardware encryption, call processing, intrusion prevention, and application services. New and refurbished Cisco 2921 ISRs also…

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Cisco 3945 ISRs: Brand-New and Used Cisco Routers in the Philippines

cisco 3945

Used Cisco routers in the Philippines are designed to accelerate the growth of branch offices through increased bandwidth requirements, virtualized applications, the largest selection of WAN connectivity, and exceedingly secure collaboration. Cisco 3945 routers are part of the advanced Cisco 3900 Integrated Services Router (ISR) series, available in both brand-new and refurbished versions from trusted…

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Cisco 3945: Best-in-Class Cisco Routers in the Philippines

routers 3945

The Cisco 3900 Series offers the best-in-class Cisco routers in the Philippines. The series boasts superior performance, embedded hardware encryption acceleration, optional firewall, call processing, voice- and video-capable DSP slots, intrusion prevention, and application services, among others. Get the low-down on the Cisco 3945 and find out how it can help simplify branch office infrastructure.…

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Cisco 1921/K9 Series for Branch Office Cisco Network Solutions

cisco 1921

The Cisco 1921/K9 Integrated Services Routers (ISR) Series is the next generation router for branch offices looking for advanced Cisco network solutions. It builds on the industry-leading capabilities of the best-selling Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Routers, offering greater support and performance, new licensing and software, and the widest range of wireless and wired connectivity options…

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