The Cisco 1921/K9 Integrated Services Routers (ISR) Series is the next generation router for branch offices looking for advanced Cisco network solutions. It builds on the industry-leading capabilities of the best-selling Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Routers, offering greater support and performance, new licensing and software, and the widest range of wireless and wired connectivity options in the market today.

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Cisco 1921/K9 ISR: Business Benefits

The Cisco 1921 ISR, along with the rest of the 1900 Series, is designed to meet the demands of small office branches and pave the way for cloud-based services. Expect highly secure collaboration and virtualized applications through a wide array of WAN connectivity that offers speed of up to 25 Mbps.

Gain a competitive edge with these Cisco 1921 K9 business benefits:

  • Increased integration of security, data, mobility, and wireless services for enhanced savings and efficiency
  • Quicker deployment of advanced features thanks to a single Cisco IOS Software Universal image that include all technology sets, removing the need to download a new Cisco IOS software image
  • Larger memory to accommodate the additional latest capabilities
  • Ability to be deployed in High-Speed WAN environments
  • Increased agility, greater bandwidth, improved network resiliency, and a more diverse connection selection thanks to its modular interface
  • Offers numerous energy-saving features such as intelligent power management, single platform that optimizes energy usage and raw-materials consumption, platform flexibility, and high-efficiency power supplies
  • Ability to grow along with your business due to a rich set of Cisco IOS software and strategic reuse of a broad range of existing modules, and more

Product Overview

The next-level architecture of the Cisco 1921 K9 ISRs allows it to dominate previous generations through features such as:

  • EHWIC slot capable of supporting Voice/WAN Interface Cards, WAN Interface Cards, and HWICs
  • 1 High-Speed USB 2.0 Port, with a mechanism for secure-token storage and capabilities
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet routed LAN and WAN ports
  • High-Performance Multi-Core Processors
  • Embedded hardware encryption acceleration that enables VPN services and WAN link security when combined with optional Cisco IOS Security License
  • Multiple module slots to provide numerous services and connectivity to support unique branch office requirements

Aside from these features, the Cisco 1921 K9 ISRs also offer a wide breadth of customization and expansion options to respond to the ever-changing demands of branch offices. Our certified Cisco network specialist here at A.R. Network Systems Integration Philippines is ready to answer all inquiries to help you find the ideal combination of features for your network.

ANSYS PH: Trusted Source of Cisco Integrated Services Routers

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