The Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Router (ISR) is the ideal Cisco networking equipment for small offices seeking to enhance the functionality, security, and speed of their network. Available in brand new or refurbished versions, the Cisco 2921 ISR offers highly secure voice, video, data, and application services.

cisco 2921

Cisco 2921: Product Information

The Cisco 2921 ISR is specially designed for the unique work environment of branch and small offices. It allows for high-speed virtual collaboration on WAN networks, offering a centralized hub for various application services.

This product features extended bandwidth and a range of connectivity options for maximum flexibility. Speed of operation can reach up to 75 Mbps. Numerous security features such as VPN encryption Cisco firewalls, identity management, and content filtering ensure a safer network.

Product Specifications

The Cisco 2921 ISR offers the following support for small office networks:

  • 2 Rack Units
  • Interfaces
    • 1 port capable of SPF or RJ-45 connectivity
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
  • 1 Service Module Slot
  • 3 Digital Signal Processor Slots on-board
  • 4 EHWIC (Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card) Slots
  • Fully-Integrated Power Distribution to modules supporting Cisco-enhanced Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 2 Service Module Slots
  • Expansion Slots
  • RAM 512 MB Installed
  • RAM expandable to 2 GB
  • 246 MB Flash Memory Installed
  • 8 GB maximum Flash Memory capacity

Buy New and Refurbished Cisco 2921 Routers

A.R. Network Systems Integration Philippines offers both new and refurbished Cisco networking equipment to suit a wide range of needs.
Every Cisco product we offer comes with these benefits:

    • For Refurbished Equipment
      • 4-hour guaranteed service unit replacement within Metro Manila
      • 6 months to 1 year warranty
    • Brand-New Equipment
      • 1-year standard warranty
      • 24-hour guaranteed service unit replacement within Metro Manila
    Qualified clients can avail of our try-before-you-buy offer on selected Cisco networking products. Please call us at (632) 903-7891 to learn more about the available units and how to qualify.
    Enjoy flexible payment arrangements and some of the most competitive prices for Cisco networking equipment today.
    We ship nationwide. Expect 1-3 days delivery for in-stock equipment, and 3-5 days for equipment that are not yet in stock.

Not sure what type of equipment is best for your operations? Talk to a certified Cisco network consultant here at ANSYS PH for guidance on the ideal networking equipment for your office.

Aside from top-quality Cisco networking equipment, our services also include:

  • PLATFORM SUPPORT for over nine computing platforms
  • ACADEMIC SUPPORT for IT students and engineers who want to learn how to buy Cisco switches and other network integrated services
  • TRAINING SUPPORT that includes comprehensive training classes, documentation, tutorials, and more

For more information on our Cisco products and services, please use our Contact Form to reach one of our representatives here at ANSYS PH.

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