The Cisco 3900 ISR series is one of the latest offerings from Cisco. It aims to support corporate offices around the metro that rely on constant internet connectivity to ensure smooth business operations and communications. This series includes the 3925 router for Cisco support and maintenance in the Philippines, designed to assist office network connections.

Product Information

The Cisco 3925 is an integrated service router (ISR) that’s part of the 3900 series which builds off the existing 3800 ISR line-up. It delivers secure data, voice, video, and application services to branch offices both big and small.

cisco 3925 router

Different variations of the Cisco 3925 router are available, including:

  • Cisco 3925 K9
  • Cisco 3925-V K9
  • Cisco 3925E K9
  • Cisco 3925-SEC K9
  • Cisco 3925-CME-SRST K9
  • Cisco 3925E-SEC K9
  • Cisco 3925-VSEC K9
  • Cisco 3925E-VSEC K9
  • Cisco 3925-VSEC-CUBE K9
  • Cisco 3925-CME-SRST K9
  • Cisco 3925-VSEC-SRE K9
  • Cisco 3925E-V K9
  • Cisco 3925E-VSEC-SRE K9
  • Cisco 3925E-VSEC-CUBE K9

General Specifications

The Cisco 3925 ISR router comes with the following features:

  • Modular Services Performance Engine (SPE)
  • 3 Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet + 2 Ports for RJ-45 or SFP connectivity
  • 4 Enhanced High-Speed WAN interface card slots
  • 2 Service Module slots
  • 1 Internal Services module slot
  • 4 Onboard Digital Signal processor slots
  • Dual-integrated power supplies
  • Support for 802.3af Power
  • Embedded hardware-accelerated VPN encryption
  • Integrated threat control using the following:
    • Cisco IOS Firewall
    • Cisco IOS Zone-based Firewall
    • Cisco IOS IPS
    • Cisco IOS Content Filtering
  • Identity Management using the following:
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Accounting
    • Public Key Infrastructure
  • High-density Packet Voice DSP module for voice and video support
  • Standards-certified Voice XML browser services
  • Cisco-unified Border Element capabilities for up to 800 sessions
  • Cisco Unity Express voicemail support
  • Cisco Communications Manager Express and Survivable Remote site Telephony support


The Cisco 3900 Series

The 3900 ISR series is known for being some of the most technologically-advanced Cisco routers and switches in the market today. The series guarantees smooth wireless and mobility services for offices and data security for users, as well as voice and video support. Other than the 3925, other routers offered under this series include:

  • Cisco 3945E
  • Cisco 3925E
  • Cisco 3945

Upgrading your network with the Cisco 3900 series offers several business advantages such as:

  • High-performance Integrated Services
    With a high speed of 350 Mbps and WAN connectivity, the Cisco 3900 facilitates fast and constant communication between networks.
  • Network Agility
    The Cisco 3900 series is designed to address customer business requirements, offering increased network capacities and performance as the business expands.
  • Investment Protection
    Investment protection is maximized with the Cisco 3900 series. The Cisco 3925 is designed to facilitate higher performance as a corporate office’s next-generation WAN environments continue to evolve. It offers support for:
  • Reuse of existing modules supported on original Cisco Integrated Service Routers
  • Cisco IOS Software features
  • Flexibility for future upgrades
  • 1GB default memory space

ANSYS PH: Trusted Supplier for Cisco Routers

A R Network Systems Integration Philippines is one of the leading providers of Cisco products and services in the country. We’ve worked with some of the country’s largest corporations such as San Miguel Corporation, Vista Land, Global Telecommunications, and Camella Homes. We offer:


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Replacement Policies


Contact us now at (632) 7903-7891 or send us a message through our contact form to learn more about our equipment, products, training, and Cisco support and maintenance in the Philippines.

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