The Cisco 3900 Series offers the best-in-class Cisco routers in the Philippines. The series boasts superior performance, embedded hardware encryption acceleration, optional firewall, call processing, voice- and video-capable DSP slots, intrusion prevention, and application services, among others.

Get the low-down on the Cisco 3945 and find out how it can help simplify branch office infrastructure.

routers 3945

Versatile Platform for Custom Applications

The Cisco 3945 is one of Cisco’s trademark routers, primarily engineered for medium and large office branches. This versatile platform can host Cisco, third-party, and custom applications, and can be modeled for higher performance, depending on branch infrastructure demand.

The 3900 Series of Cisco routers in the Philippines allows for a secure network, simultaneous communication, and power distribution for modules that support 802.3af Power over Ethernet. Thus, you can rest assured that the voice, video, and applications services transmitted are totally secure. In addition, data transmission is not an issue: the Cisco 3945’s Universal OS makes it possible to reach a wide range of platforms.

Practical Scalability

One of the outstanding properties of the Cisco 3945 is its Modular Services Performance Engine (SPE) 150, which can be upgraded for higher performance even with the evolution of the wide-area network (WAN) environments. It’s the perfect device for startups that want to keep their business at a gradual pace while maintaining the current office.

Furthermore, the router ensures wired and wireless communication with its high-density-packet voice DSP module, optimized for voice and video support. This means that as the connections through the router expand, the network remains high performing and productive.

Vivid Media Integration

The Cisco 3945’s rich media integration is a feature that deserves notice. You get access to information sharing at 3 integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, with 2 ports with RJ-45 or SFP connectivity. Once set up by a Cisco certified network associate, the network ensures an optimal business performance and secure communication through cutting-edge firewall technology. In addition, it is also able to manage each connected gadget’s identity with the use of authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Standout Features

The design of Cisco 3945 is a testament to being one of the friendliest beginner-level routers out there. Its standout features include the following:

  • 4 service module slots
  • 1 internal services module slot
  • 4 onboard digital signal successor (DSP) slots
  • 4 enhanced high-speed WAN interface card (EHWIC) slots
  • 1GB installed RAM space with 2GB max capacity
  • 256 MB installed RAM space with a 2GB max capacity
  • Status LED lights on front and back panels

With its modular architecture, expanding your network allows for capacity and performance growth. Its intelligent power management also gives you the power to control modules at select times.

Boost Your Branch Infrastructure with Reliable Cisco 3945 ISR!

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