Trusting a Cisco networking company in the Philippines to give you the products and services you need for your business is a good step toward progress. With the Cisco 1941 K9 router available on hand, running and expanding your business becomes a more achievable goal.

Cisco 1941 K9: Product Information

cisco 1941 k9The Cisco 1941 K9 is an integrated services router (ISR) designed for small office branches and establishments, and for utilization of cloud-based technology. It weighs 10.48kg, and comes with a default memory space worth 512MB, with at least 2GB for installation or updates.

The router has dimensions of 3.5in of height, 13.5in of width, and 11.5in of diameters, or 34.3cm x 29.2cm x 8.9cm respectively. It can also operate under a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (or 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit), an altitude of 3000m (or 10,000ft), and a humidity level of at least 10-85% RH.

Cisco 1941 K9 Router Offerings

The Cisco 1941 K9 router comes with a set of key advantages you can maximize for your business, including:

  • Energy Efficiency

    The router comes with energy-efficient features that help manage and save power. It allows:

    • Module power control based on the time of day with Cisco EnergyWise technology
    • Optimization of raw materials consumption and energy usage
    • Platform flexibility for a longer product life cycle
    • High efficiency power supplies for the 1941 router, and all the other routers in the 1900 series
  • Service Integration

    The Cisco 1941 K9 router offers increased levels of service integration with the following:

    • Data
    • Security
    • Wireless
    • Mobility

    This helps enable more efficient operations and greater cost savings for the office.

  • Investment Protection

    The router also maximizes investment protection by supporting:

    • Flexibility
    • Cisco IOS software features
    • Lower cost of ownership with the reuse of existing modules on the original IRS routers

    Key Features

    Cisco’s latest technology for the Philippines’ businesses and companies always come equipped with new and exciting features to ensure smooth operations. For the Cisco 1941 K9 router, you can expect the following features:

    • 2 integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
    • 2 enhanced High-speed WAN interface card slots for EHWIC
    • Fully-integrated power distribution to modules
    • Security features such as:
      • VPN encryption
      • Secure collaborative communications with the following:
        • Group-encrypted Transport VPN
        • Dynamic Multipoint VPN
        • Enhanced Easy VPN
      • Integrated threat control using the following:
        • Cisco IOS zone-based firewall
        • Cisco IOS IPS
        • Cisco IOS content filtering
        • Cisco IOS firewall
      • Identity management using the following:
        • Authentication
        • Authorization
        • Accounting
        • Public Key Infrastructure

    Trust the Leading Cisco Networking Companies in the Philippines

    A.R. Network Systems Integration Philippines is one of the leading Cisco networking companies in the Philippines. Over the years, we have worked with different clients such as San Miguel Corporation and Globe Telecommunications, providing them with the services and support they need for their operations.

    We also offer the following:

    • Competitive Pricing
    • Flexible Payment Terms
    • Nationwide Shipping
    • Replacement Policies

    Contact us now at (632) 903-7891 or send us a message through our contact form to learn more about our services!

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