Choosing ISRs for Small Business with Cisco Networking Basics Specialization Pros

IT specialists with a background on Cisco networking basics specialization are essential to small businesses looking to optimize their network. Cisco-certified professionals can evaluate the network, determine its needs, and recommend products that will maximize its flexibility, speed, efficiency, security, and more.

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How Cisco-Certified Specialists Determine Network Priorities

With such a wide range of Cisco routers and switches available for small businesses, the first step is to determine the priorities of the network. Network administrators typically consider the following:

  • Features

Unlike large enterprises, small business networks often only need a number of features. Cisco professionals can help you determine the capabilities that your routers and switches must have, such as:

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Firewall
  • IP Phone Network
  • Single or Dual Wan
  • Wired or Wireless Access
  • Number of ports
  • Cloud-ready capabilities
  • Throughput
  • And more

In addition to these features, IT experts also consider the level of security and the number of employees that will use the network.

  • SimplicityFor small businesses seeking to simplify their networking strategy, Cisco specialists may recommend a software-defined WAN. This improves resource usage and reduces operational costs, enabling the network to utilize available bandwidth more efficiently. With a simplified networking strategy, small businesses can avoid sacrificing data privacy or security while still providing the highest level of performance.

Finally, Cisco routers and switches are designed with different architecture and capabilities. A Cisco professional with a background in Cisco networking basics specialization can help you compare different products before you make a final purchase.

Top 3 Cisco Routers and Switches for Small Businesses

Once network needs are determined, Cisco professionals can recommend the appropriate Cisco routers and switches for the job. Below are the top selections for small offices:

  1. Cisco 4221 ISRsIdeal for growing small businesses, Cisco 4221 Integrated Services Routers offer pay-as-you-grow performance. By default, they offer 35Mbps throughout, which can be increased up to 75Mbps of forwarding capacity with licenses.
  2. Cisco 3925 ISRsCreate a borderless network for your small business with Cisco 3925 ISRs, which offer highly secure application, video, voice, and data services. Notable features include two service module slots, and upgradable Modular Services Performance Engine 100. They also come with four Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card slots, one Internal Services Module Slot, and three Integrated Ethernet ports.
  3. Cisco 2921 ISRsCisco 2921 ISRs empower small offices with secure video, application, data, and voice services. They feature three Integrated Ethernet ports, three onboard digital signal processor slots, four EHWIC slots, and more. Key security features include embedded hardware-accelerated VPN encryption, integrated threat control with Cisco IOS zone-based firewall, Cisco IOS Content Filtering, and more.

Buy New and Refurbished Cisco Routers and Switches

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Our Cisco professionals will be happy to assist. On top of a comprehensive background on Cisco networking basics specialization, our Cisco-certified specialists also have advanced experience in network administration, design, troubleshooting, and support. To learn more about our products and services, contact us now at (632) 7903-7891!


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